Any news from Saudi Arabia?

The crackdown in Saudi Arabia, for example, continues Prince Mohammed Salman's process of consolidating power - a Saudi official said former Riyadh governor Prince Turki Abdullah was detained on accusations of corruption in the Riyadh Metro project and taking advantage of his influence to award contracts to his own companies.

Every month, at least seven million people depend on life-saving aid provided by the U.N. Khoury said 10 U.N. ships in the Red Sea ports of Hodeida and nearby Solaf have been ordered to depart.

Iran in particular thrives on disarray in the Middle East, and its militant proxies far outmatch the kingdom's.

Saudi forces on Saturday intercepted and destroyed a ballistic missile near Riyadh international airport, reportedly fired from Yemen by the Huthi rebels.

"President Abbas raised his concerns of the Israeli intention to implement the Arab Peace Initiative from Z to A, not from A to Z, meaning that Israel is interested in having a relationship with the Arab countries before having a Palestinian statehood", one official said. The wave of arrests cemented Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's control over the kingdom's security institutions, and threatened to bring down some of its most prominent businessmen.

"A thorough examination of the debris of these missiles ... has confirmed the role of Iran's regime in manufacturing these missiles and smuggling them to the Houthi militias in Yemen for the purpose of attacking the Kingdom, its people, and vital interests", a statement by the Saudi-coalition said.

Other Yemeni officials were quoted as saying that Hadi, his sons and several ministers with him in Riyadh had been prevented from going to Yemen. President Michel Aoun, an ally of Hezbollah, said that he would not accept the resignation until Hariri returns to the country.

A US official who declined to be named told Reuters that MbS "has become the primary driver of Saudi policy-making. There are no other paths forward than friendship, brotherhood and mutual assistance", he said. "Fuel prices have skyrocketed in major centres, supplies of diesel and cooking gas are becoming scarce, and shipments of essential medicines are stuck at border crossings".

"Huthi missile attacks against Saudi Arabia, enabled by Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, threaten regional security and undermine UN efforts to negotiate an end to the conflict". The government is allied with the coalition.

The king has sworn in new officials to take over from a powerful prince and former minister believed to be detained in a large-scale sweep that has shocked the country and upended longstanding traditions within the ruling family.

"There's no crisis that diplomacy can't resolve".

Since Sunday, the Central Bank has been expanding the list of accounts it is requiring lenders to freeze on an almost hourly basis, one regional banker said, declining to be named because he was not authorized to speak to media. "They don't have one of the most effective", he said.

The solution is to remove these weapons away, or bury them in the ground, Atallah said.