Mass. 'selfie kid' on viral Super Bowl fame: 'My phone just exploded'

You know who performed.

Timberlake probably didn't make a lot of money off the actual Super Bowl concert. An unspoken Super Bowl ban seemed to be the only punishment Timberlake received for his role in Nipple-gate. Michael Jackson, U2, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and, of course, Prince - none needed backup.

Justin Timberlake will bring his The Man Of The Woods Tour to Milwaukee's Wisconsin Entertainment and Sports Center on Friday, September 21st. We have a new Super Bowl viral icon: Selfie kid. The value is in the exposure that a singer gets for participating in the country's most-watched TV event.

Buy tickets at,, by phone at 1-877-788-FANS, in person at participating Canadian Tire stores in Ottawa and Perth, The Sens Store at Carlingwood Mall, Place d'Orléans and in the ByWard Market, Algonquin College, Superior Photo and at the Canadian Tire Centre box office. That's the chairman of the intelligence committee, Devin Nunes. Some loved it and thought it was fire, but the rest felt like he didn't do him justice. He restarted it quickly and then snagged the selfie. Decades in prison. The cases against Larry Nassar are over.

As for the lucky kid, his name is Ryan McKenna, Twin Cities reports, he's 13, and he could not believe it. He'll have to watch his back in prison. And to protect gymnasts?

"Questlove is the encyclopedia on music, but I also feel like a gatekeeper on Prince, so if I got the thumbs-up from Quest, I'm good", he said, according to Vanity Fair.

Grab the brown paper bag and take slow breaths. Despite the undercurrent of possible controversy, the most striking thing about Timberlake's show was how carefully it tiptoed around anything taboo.

Many artists, from U2 to Eminem, reach this moment of dad-i-fication, when they're at the pinnacle of their careers, yes, but also simultaneously irrelevant to the culture. Here are some options: 1. The market may rebound in a big way. Watch and wait. 4.

So does Timberlake, at least in theory. No numbers yet on Sprint, and T-Mobile said it will not report data use from the event. Gene is a longtime Eagles fan who had, in terms of fandom, a lot at stake in this game.

The nerves were obvious as Pink gazed into the sky before the start of the musical accompaniment.